International Women’s Empowerment Summit (IWES)

The inaugural International Women’s Empowerment Summit (IWES) will be hosted by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism in partnership with StartUp Woman and UN Women, in 2017.

The Summit is the forum for aspiring and successful women professionals and entrepreneurs in various fields from around the world to meet, learn from, and inspire each other. Under the theme Empowering Women to Pursue Their Dreams, the inaugural IWES Bahamas 2017 will focus on addressing the issues and interests of today’s women, including doing business with confidence, economic empowerment and wealth creation, education and social empowerment, presentation and marketing, and health and wellness.

The Summit will take the basic format of a series of moderated discussions with relevant panellists, which will include successful women from around the world. IWES Bahamas 2017 will also launch the StartUp Woman initiative for The Bahamas, a new endeavour by the founders of the Women, Inspiration and Enterprise (WIE) Network, which shines a spotlight on woman-owned Small and Medium Enterprise’s (SME) in the UK, the US, and The Bahamas. The Summit is also being delivered in partnership with UN Women, the United Nations entity responsible for supporting gender equality and the empowerment of women.

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